What’s 50K Between Friends?

Lynette Dufton
2 min readJun 19, 2024


NYU attracted soon-to-be rich and famous people like Neil Diamond, Lady Gaga, and Ang Lee. NYU also attracted rich and kind-of-famous people like the Olsen twins and Barron Trump. Finally, NYU attracted incredibly rich and not famous at all people like Aurora Agapov, 19 year old daughter of a Russian gold mining magnate and friend of Vladimir Putin. Unfortunately, NYU also attracted people who prey on the likes of Aurora, like her freshman roommate Kaitlyn Fung.

Aurora claimed that Kaitlyn stole $50 K worth of jewelry and fashion accessories from her over the past school year. Kaitlyn put the items up for consignment sale on an on-line market called “The Real Real” where about half of them sold at a disappointingly discounted price. Aurora knew this because she found the transaction records from “The Real Real” on Kaitlyn’s desk. Kaitlyn and her Mom who was holding the unsold items are currently under arrest.

Incredible aspects of this story include:

1. Aurora didn’t miss a $24 K ruby ring, a $4 K Chanel purse, and a $2 K pair of Laboutin shoes (among other items) for months. How much swag must that girl have that she doesn’t miss $50 K worth?

2. Kaitlyn was fortunate that Aurora didn’t have her Dad’s pal Vlad distribute the same justice on her that Vlad did on Alexi Navalny. Poison is a nasty (yet undetectable) way to go.

3. Aurora didn’t hold a grudge. “I still consider Kaitlyn a friend,” she claimed. How much would you have to steal from Aurora before she rejected you?

4. Even if Kaitlyn had gotten the full $50 K value of the loot, it would not have come close to covering the $87 K annual tuition, room & board, and fees at NYU.

Colleges are mercenary. Wealthy students paying full-fare get the best dorm accommodations. I spent freshman year on the top (fourth) floor of the oldest building on campus. It was ninety-eight steps multiple times per day which is how my “freshman fifteen” was actually “freshman negative twelve”.

Aurora and Kaitlyn resided in Founders’ Hall. Is that an NYU luxury dorm? If so, I’ll bet Barron will be esconced there this Fall.

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