Thinking it Through

Lynette Dufton
2 min readJun 9, 2022

Sometimes we say things without thinking them through. “When you own the Miss Universe Pageant, you can walk through the dressing room and grab them by their p#$% and there’s nothing they can do about it. Oh, is that microphone on?”

When you write a Letter to the Editor, you really should think through what will appear for everyone to read. Craig Steinberg touts a radical view on gun control. “The Liberal Media never reports on the thousands and thousands of times each year that law-abiding firearms owners protect themselves and their families from armed criminals. Those law-abiding firearms owners also protect anti-gun people from becoming victims of those perpetrators.”

“Thousands and thousands off times each year”, Craig? Law-abiding gun owners (and they are always law-abiding except when they aren’t) must blow away “armed criminals” three times each and every day of the year for one thousand incidents. If there are “thousands and thousands” of such incidents (let’s say 10,000), every day in America law-abiding gun owners wipe out thirty bad guys. Those law-abiding gun owners are racking up a higher body count than the mass shooters that the Liberal Media is raising such a stink about!

Craig continues, “Anti-gun people always forget that law-abiding firearm owners are anti-crime people. Firearms in their hands make all of us more safe.”

It sure worked out that way for Trayvon Martin, Craig. Untrained civilians with a gun will clear our streets of hoodie-wearing Black kids eating Skittles.

Craig wraps up, “Rogue governors, mayors, police chiefs, and sheriffs are releasing murderers, rapists, and hardened criminal undocumented criminals onto the streets of America. We must not harm honest, law-abiding Americans.”

Craig does not trust those “rogue” public officials and for good reason. When the guy who was eventually elected president announced his candidacy in 2015, the first thing he promised was to stop those “murders and rapists” flooding over from Mexico. Many of those toddlers that he separated from their parents at the border looked really dangerous to me. Since we can’t trust “rogue” public safety officials to protect us, we should carry an AR-15 with us at all times and blow away anyone who looks suspicious.

Maybe Craig should have thought his Letter through before he sent it in.

By Ed Dufton



Lynette Dufton

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