The Trump Empire Strikes Back

We knew it was coming. The Trump On-Line Empire would attack Cassidy Hutchinson after her testimony to the Jan 6 Committee.

In the rare tweet that was not obscene or misogynistic, conservative media firebrand John Cardillo tweeted that Cassidy was “a glorified receptionist and coffee fetcher in Meadows’ office … relaying boring office gossip, acting as if she had more access and input than she ever actually did.” Apparently, “Maybe they should hang Mike Pence” is Mr Cardillo’s’s idea of “boring office gossip”. I spent more than thirty years in working offices and never once was “bored” by an actual lynching. Stringing up a Vice President would have been a lot more entertaining than some of those safety videos.

One tweet implied that Donnie and his big black SUV would have led the march to the Capitol except for that damned Secret Service. “The Deep State coup plotters of the Secret Service effectively kidnapped the President of the United States of America against his wishes as part of a C.I.A. Military Industrial Complex coup d’etat on January 6.” Breaking into the Capitol, shutting down the true electoral vote count, and physically threatening the VP until he allowed a false vote count is the very definition of a coup d-etat. Of course when a banana republic has a coup, they simply shoot the recalcitrant VP on the spot. They do not have a cool guy dressed as a Medicine Man with a buffalo hat though.

The big controversy is whether Donnie actually tried to wrest control of that big, black SUV like Cassidy Hutchinson said. Donnie naturally denied it and the Secret Service is tight-lipped.

IT DOESN’T MATTER whether Donnie wrestled with the Secret Service or not.

Donald Trump did all he could to spur a violent mob to overthrow a valid election and to keep him in power.

One tweet asked, “Even if she’s telling the truth, where’s the f — -ing problem?” Look at Russia and China where Putin and Xi are presidents-for-life. The f — ing problem would be if we had Donnie or anyone else as president-for-life.

By Ed Dufton


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Lynette Dufton

These posts are written by my father, Ed Dufton, who has an incredible knack of condensing the day’s news into a witty and insightful commentary on society.