Justice For All

Lynette Dufton
2 min readMar 28, 2023


Trump rallies are nothing if not patriotic. The man who paid all of $750 in income tax during each of his last two years as President truly loves and supports America just not with military service or with taxes.

As Donnie mounted the dais in Waco, TX last Saturday, the PA system intoned, “Ladies and gentlemen. Please rise and place your hand over your heart for…”. You expect to hear “Our National Anthem”. Instead the crowd heard, “The Number One Song on iTunes, Amazon, and the Billboard charts — “Justice For All” featuring President Donald J. Trump and the J6 Choir!!!”

Say what? “Justice For All” consisted of Donnie’s unmistakable voice intoning the Pledge of Allegiance over a choir supposedly comprised of “patriots” jailed for their actions on Jan 6 singing The Star Spangled Banner. Take that, Rihanna. There’s the next Super Bowl Halftime Extravaganza for sure.

But wait, there’s more…The accompanying video shows Donnie doing presidential stuff with Washington D.C. monuments in all their glory as his backdrop. Halfway through the video (about the time of “the rockets’ red glare”) , the scene changes to the Capitol on Jan 6. Instead of rioters vandalizing the Capitol and beating police, the video depicts police using tear gas and nightsticks to beat back those patriots. Thank you, Video Editor Tucker Carlson for showing that “typical Capitol tour group” for what it really was.

Though he will never admit it, Donnie has been known to stretch the truth. There are two real whoppers in his “Justice For All” intro:

1. The “patriots” who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6 appeared to my untrained eye to be 99% middle-aged White men. The J6 Choir has strong soprano and alto sections. Perhaps imprisonment affects one’s singing voice. Perhaps Boy George is a Proud Boy.

2. Some real clunkers have been Number One Songs. “The Ballad of the Green Berets” by Staff Sergeant Barry Saddler comes to mind.

“Back at home, a young wife waits

Her Green Beret has met his fate
He has died for those oppressed
Leaving her his last request

Put silver wings on my son’s chest
Make him one of America’s best
He’ll be a man they’ll test one day
Have him win the Green Beret”

That had a great beat and was easy to dance to.

Then there was “Teen Angel”:

“Just sweet sixteen, and now you’re gone
They’ve taken you away
I’ll never kiss your lips again
They buried you today

That one always cheered me up.

“Justice For All” might follow in that proud tradition and eventually ascend to the “Top of the Pops”. But it was not there on March 25, 2023 regardless of Donnie’s claim.

I do anticipate “Justice For All” doing well on the MTV Video Awards though.

By Ed Dufton



Lynette Dufton

These posts are written by my father, Ed Dufton, who has an incredible knack of condensing the day’s news into a witty and insightful commentary on society.