Heard on NPR

Lynette Dufton
2 min readSep 16, 2022

What is more pretentious than “I heard on NPR…”?

Nevertheless “I heard on NPR” this morning what Paul Harvey would call The Rest of the Story on the “Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard Incident”:

1. Ron DeSantis talked the Florida Legislature into allocating $12 million to relocate immigrants away from the Sunshine State. What Republican would dare vote against that? Imagine the sound bite during the next GOP Primary — “State Rep (insert name here) voted against funding to keep illegal aliens out of your local schools, churches, and parks!”

2. The 43 poor souls flown to Massachusetts were actually from San Antonio, TX, not Florida at all. Governor Ron squandered Florida taxpayer money to fly Texas immigrants to Massachusetts.

3. If this was not a publicity stunt, why did Governor Ron arrange for Fox News cameras to cover it? The other networks are covering the Queen’s funeral, but Fox News knows what the public really wants.

4. Fox News made much of the fact that the Obamas, Oprah, and James Taylor have summer homes on Martha’s Vineyard. It is headquarters for “The Liberal Elite”. “Drop those illegals on Obama’s doorstep! That’ll show him!” Actually, according to NPR, the median income of year-round residents of Martha’s Vineyard is less than that of the rest of Massachusetts. Still, they offered shelter and comfort to the immigrants.

NPR maintains some semblance of “fair and balanced” (unlike a certain other network that claims to do so). NPR did not outright say that this was a political stunt. It left it up to Charlie Christ who is running against Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor to say precisely that.

It must be true. I hear it on NPR…

By Ed Dufton



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