Effective Ad Slogans

Lynette Dufton
1 min readNov 24, 2023

“Get the Scoop On All Things Poop!”

Sometimes an advertising slogan leaps off the page. Tushy Bidets adopted the slogan above. Of course, I had to investigate further. On-line customers can obtain a 30% pre-Holiday discounts using the code “Early Turd” (which perhaps gets the worm?).

Tushy offers a range of bidet-related products:

Tushy Classic ($129) — Can be installed in a mere eight minutes. Saves up to 80% on toilet paper. Would have really helped during the Great T.P. Panic in the early days of the Pandemic.

Tushy Spa ($159) — Provides warm water. Well worth that extra $30.

Tushy Ace ($599) — Includes a heated seat and a remote control. What a great item for the practical jokester in the family! “Grandad is heading to the bathroom. Grab the remote and let’s see if his heart medicine really works!”

Rick Steves provided many helpful European travel tips but none of his books instruct Americans in the intricacies of the bidet. “What does this button do? OMG, my ass is wet!” Our hotel in Granada had separate water closets and bidets. Spaniards must waddle between the two.

Tushy ends its ad with “Uplevel your hole bathroom experience”.

Apparently, Tushy enlisted middle school boys to write its advertising slogans.

By Ed Dufton



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