Don’t Blame Trump

Lynette Dufton
2 min readApr 23, 2022


Marzeena Konat of Bethlehem has a unique take on current politics.

The title to her Letter to the Editor is “Don’t Blame Trump for the World’s Horrors. They’re Happening Under Biden’s Watch”. I never took Journalism 101 but headlines and titles are supposed to be short and snappy like “Gone With the Wind” as opposed to two sentences long. “Titanic” is better than “The Ship Sinks and Leonardo Dies, but Kate Survives To Throw Her Diamond Necklace Into the Drink Years Later”.

Marzeena wrote, “Sleepy Joe is in charge not Donald Trump. If Biden were not AWOL most of the time, if he didn’t spend most weekends hiding in his Delaware basement, if he would answer reporter’s questions on a daily basis, there would be no galloping inflation, war, and hate crimes today.”

Let’s look at the facts, Marzeena. Donnie spent 307 days playing golf in his four years as president. There are 104 weekend days in a year, plus 12 Federal holidays. Donnie had 464 weekends and holidays available for golf during his term and he was AWOL on the links for nearly 3/4 of those days.

During his first three years in office (2017, 2018, and 2019), Donnie personally held one, five, and three press conferences respectively. Of course, daily press briefings are not the job of the president. A Press Secretary has that task. We all fondly recall Donnie’s first Press Secretary, Sean Spicer literally walking away from the podium when reporters asked tough questions like,”If Trump’s inauguration had the largest crowd ever, why were so many of them dressed as empty seats?”

Then, of course, there was Stephanie Grisham who was Donnie’s Press Secretary for nine months and did not hold a single daily press conference. Imagine holding a job for nine months and never once showing up for work. That’s “draining the swamp”.

Marzeena ended with the classic, “This war in Ukraine would never have happened if Trump was still president. Putin never invaded anyone while Trump was in office, but he took Crimea when Biden was VP in 2014 and now is taking Ukraine. Bullies like Putin pick on the weak.”

I guess that Donnie’s strong, well-practiced golf game scared Vlad off.

By Ed Dufton



Lynette Dufton

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