Lynette Dufton
3 min readMar 3, 2023

What does the Republican Party stand for?

The national party did not develop a platform at its 2020 convention. COVID was a fairly important issue at the time why with the country half shut down and hundreds of Americans dying every week. The national party pretty much ignored it. “We will just go along with whatever Trump wants on any particular day. On Monday, it is no worse than the flu. On Tuesday, according to Donnie, Operation Warp Speed is in full effect.”

The Texas GOP is a different matter. It will vote on a resolution censuring one of its own. “Congressman Tony Gonzales has demonstrated a pattern of action demonstrably opposed to the Principles of the Republican Party of Texas Platform and the Legislative Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.”

What, pray tell, did Rep. Tony do to deserve such a fate? Did he claim college degrees and work experiences that he never had? Did he claim that his family survived both the Holocaust and 9/11? Does he look extremely dorky in that vee-neck sweater beneath a suit coat?

No, that was George Santos.

Rep. Tony committed the unpardonable sin of voting with the Dems by voting in favor of the bipartisan gun control package during the last Congress that was introduced after a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, which is in Gonzales’s district.

I hate to pull a Donnie and bold face and underline for effect, but how can Gonzalez face his constituents if he votes against a law that would have prevented 19 kids and two teachers from being slaughtered? The bill would prohibit anyone under 21 years old from buying a semi-automatic weapon. Had the law been in effect last year, it might have prevented the 19 year old whacko from slaughtering those kids in Uvalde.

But wait, there’s more…

The resolution also said that Gonzales has been a “poor representative” of his constituents, in part because he voted with Democrats last year to pass the Respect for Marriage Act, which safeguards the right of same-sex and interracial couples to marry. The Republican Party of Texas last year adopted a platform that recognizes homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and argues LGBTQ people are not entitled to legal protection from discrimination. The state party also opposes “all efforts to validate transgender identity,” according to its platform.

The Republican Party with the legislative wizardry of Mitch McConnell packed the Supreme Court with conservative ideologues. Couldn’t RBG have held on until Biden and a Democrat-controlled Senate was elected? The GOP got their wishes on abortion. Next in line are the gays. Even Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney can’t overturn established court rulings allowing gay marriage backed up by a law passed by Congress.

By the way, if LBGTQ people “are not entitled to legal protection from discrimination”, does that mean that we can beat them up for the hell of it? That seems like a very Texas Republican thing to do.

If the censure resolution passes and Gonzales decides to run for a second term, Tony will get no funding from the state GOP. In fact, it will spend money on “voter education” in Tony’s district. “Don’t vote for Tony. He wants to send gay people to take away your guns.”

By Ed Dufton



Lynette Dufton

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