Lynette Dufton
2 min readNov 27, 2023

“Repeat a lie often enough and eventually people will believe it.”

We are so fortunate to have Fox News to drum those MAGA falsehoods into our ears. Vernon C. Scandola of Lower Macungie Twp spread the word to a wider audience via his Letter to the Editor on Sunday. Vern wrote, “The Democratic Party claims that Trump is authoritarian and a Threat to Democracy. It should look in the mirror. Authoritarianism by the Left is well-documented. Just a few years ago, government lockdowns shuttered small businesses and barred churches from meeting. Democratic governors allowed protests following the death of George Floyd though!”

Maybe Vern missed it, but those government lockdowns were in response to a pandemic that killed more than one million Americans. Big businesses as well as small ones were shut down. Would you rather go to church and spend the rest of the week in an ICU on a respirator, Vern?

Democratic governors didn’t exactly issue permits and lead parades in the wake of the George Floyd protests either. Peaceful protests were allowed, but when violence ensued, the police responded. That’s the American Way, Vern.

He ends with a bang. “What Democrats are unwilling to accept and what voters understand is that Donald Trump has authoritarian tendencies but the Democrats are no better. Faced with higher prices, unaffordable housing, an unsecured border, international unrest, and a president who appears to be in decline, voters would rather support the guy who makes them feel safe.”

I know that I felt safer with a Commander-in-Chief who cozied up to Putin and Kim Jong Un. Russia and North Korea have America’s best interests at heart. I felt safer with a Chief Executive who chose his thirty-something, totally inexperienced daughter and son-in-law as Senior Advisors and went through Attorneys General, and Secretaries of State like Taylor Swift went through boyfriends.

Turn off Fox News and remember what it was really like when Donnie was president, Vern.

By Ed Dufton



Lynette Dufton

These posts are written by my father, Ed Dufton, who has an incredible knack of condensing the day’s news into a witty and insightful commentary on society.